I Thought So

Prologue ┄ We are all flawed in our own minds. "In a sea of imperfect people I am the most imperfect of all" is what we tell ourselves. After one mistake or one mishap we are suddenly scum of the Earth and anything that could go wrong does. We have this mindset until we interact with literally any other human being. Take an upcoming high school student starting the next chapter of their lives with and abundance of enthusiasm. They enter high school with all of the left over baggage from three years of middle school torture. The rest of the school simply sees fresh meat. For a whole year all freshmen will hear is "god you're such a freshman", "ugh i'm in a class full of freshmen", "if you think that's hard just wait till next year." A constant barrage of complaints and warnings that result in four years of wishing for a way out. It's a perfect system if you think about it. Put a group of highly impressionable kids in a space
"The first step to getting somewhere is deciding you're not going to stay where you are" -J.P. Morgan